Primary 5-7

Below are our Key Stage 1 music video series for those teaching 5-7 year olds.

Autumn - KS1 Music Video Series

6 seasonally fun music activities for Key Stage 1 on the theme of autumn and autumn celebrations. Includes music activities on the themes of Harvest, Diwali and bonfire night. £12.

Christmas - KS1 Music Video Series

A series of 6 festive music activities and singing games for Key Stage 1 based on the theme of Christmas. You just can't do without these ideas at the end of term, especially the game 'Father Christmas Lost His Hat'! £12.

Playground Singing Games - KS1 Music Video Series

Coming shortly... 6 lively music activities for Key Stage 1 based on the theme of playground singing games, including several traditional old British favourites, and one or two from other parts of the world. Perfect as a springboard for a project based on the theme of how children lived in the past or children's lives in other countries. £12.
Watch this video to find out more about our KS1 series 'Playground Singing Games'.